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ZEROBAG 2.0's - Reusable Carry Bags

ZEROBAG 2.0's - Reusable Carry Bags

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YES, This is not an ordinary Bag. IT IS AN AWESOME BAG!

This is a very, very high quality long lasting bag.

Many years of use? YES

Put it in the wash? YES

Super Compact? YES

Super Strong? YES

Made from 100% certified recycled plastic bottle material (rPET).

Approximately three 1.5 litre plastic bottles are used to make a Zerobag. Thats outstanding!

The amazing thing is how much they can carry and yet they are so small.

Serious convenience - Think Handbag, Glovebox, Kitchen draw, pockets etc....

Zerobag 2.0s are machine washable and use military grade thread making the bags extremely strong and durable.

They can carry up to a 50kg load (limited to you own arm strength!). 

Technical specs: Size: 580mm (H), 450mm (W). Volume: 16.5 litres. Bag weight: 30 grams.

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