Supporting Kiwi Schools with every purchase

Why Buy?

Shopping here means donating money to New Zealand School PTA's. 

The School Fundraising Shop NZ supports the Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) Members of New Zealand schools. The shop offers a source of fundraising income for schools to supplement yearly fundraising events.

A generous amount is donated to your nominated school with every purchase. The amount is 10 percent of the purchase price. The products are very carefully selected, and market competitive.  

Simply select the products you want and then select the school you want the donations to go to, at the check out page. If your school is not in the drop down menu, then write it in the "add your school" box. New Zealand made products will be processed and delivered within a few days. Other orders will be processed and delivered directly to your door in 14-25 days. We will be aiming to reduce this timeframe as soon as possible. The donation amount from your purchases will be sent to your nominated school each month.

A generous sum is donated to your nominated school from each and every purchase made.

Our mission Statement: 

1. To assist the fantastic fundraising teams, raising money for New Zealand school PTA's with PASSIVE INCOME.

2. To give the members of a school's community extra opportunities to help with fundraising.

Sincere thanks for supporting this endeavour. Please follow along on social media and spread the word amongst your community! All the very best and happy shopping!