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Wyld Poncho

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Natural beauty, natural drape, natural comfort.

Become blissfully unaware of what you are wearing whilst feeling just right. Our poncho is a spontaneous visual harmony of non-dyed natural yarn.

Versatile style that can be worn 3 different ways. One size fits all.

Wyld celebrates the wonders of nature. Wyld products mimic the natural fleece of the Pihepe and Merino which endure extreme conditions in the wild. These woollen garments allow you to adapt to your environment in the same way the sheep's wool is able to adapt to its environment.

50% Pihepe wool, 25% Merino wool, 25% Possum

Care instructions: Cool gentle hand wash with wool detergent. Wring dry in a towel. Tumble dry on warm setting to bring back to shape if required.