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Wooden Bee House

Wooden Bee House

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This charming bee hotel will make a great addition to any garden. Bee hotels are a great way to introduce children to the tiny, buzzing beasts and allow these important pollinators to thrive.

Simply hang this little Bee hotel, roughly a metre above the ground in your garden and in an area protected from high winds. It is designed for the solitary Bees in your garden. Solitary Bees are great pollinators and help your garden flourish and because they don't have a Queen Bee to protect, they are known to not be aggressive.

The Bee House is 17cm x 15cm x 8cm.

Forest Stewardship Council-approved and sourced from well-managed forests certified by the FSC (UK).

How about some fun facts about Honey Bees?? Sure, so to produce one kilogram of honey, bees fly the equivalent of three times around the world in air miles!!!! What! And they beat their wings 11 400 times PER MINUTE!!!

AND!! You can often see bees not moving for a really long time. You might assume that they are dead or injured, but they aren’t! These bees will have flown miles and miles and have miscalculated their journey back to the hive. They are exhausted and in need of some sustenance. What can you do? You can mix a special drink for them!


  1. Mix 1 tablespoon of water with 1 tablespoon of sugar until they are dissolved.
  2. Either place into a shallow plate or simply place on a spoon on a garden table or near where you have spotted the bee.
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