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Witches Brew Ceramic Black Teapot

Witches Brew Ceramic Black Teapot

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Ok, so you know how to make the brew, now just be sure to share with more than you. Well now if you don't, here's how she goes, just make sure your looking down your nose. This little puppy won't make you nappy, all it will do is make you intolerably happy. For a little bit of extra zip, add in a spoon full of moonshine maybe even a full nip.

Grab a cauldron (or a travel cup!!)

Add secret mix and water, stir it up,

Throw in a worm or two,

A warming cup of witches brew!!

This teapot is made from new bone china.

Hand washing is ideal.

Size: 11 cm high x 19 cm wide.

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