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Where's Wally? Jigsaw Puzzle - Land Of Woofs

Where's Wally? Jigsaw Puzzle - Land Of Woofs

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Where's Wally? We know Wally loves to blend in!! Good luck doing the puzzle and even better luck finding the elusive, red and white jersey wearing, beanie clad mystery man.

This one has him hiding out in the Land Of Woofs which has woofers of every description wandering around a seaside fair scene, in a literal doggy sea of red and white!!

Finished puzzle size 69cm x 49cm.

Where's Wally is undoubtably a global phenomenon as he travels the world looking for hiding places in the crowds. Martin Handford began It all in 1987 and has since added many friendly characters that join Wally in his adventures. Wilma, Wenda, Odlaw (Wally's nemisis), Woof his dog and Wizard Whitebeard are now regularly joining his adventures. Thanks Martin!!!!

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