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Wheelie Kiwi & Pīwakawaka Friend

Wheelie Kiwi & Pīwakawaka Friend

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A cute, age old classic from the cool peeps at Moana Rd.

Designed in New Zealand for the super little ones in our lives. This little wooden pull-along toy is perfect for there tiny hands and developing minds.

We know the kiwi well and so too the Pīwakawaka. She is the proud Fantail. Forest and Bird, Bird of the year 2021! The bird for the people! Wow!! They love nothing more than a staring contest with humans. That is, if they can stay still enough for you. Go on. Have a try some time. It's fun.

Timber construction and child safe paint. You gotta love the bright orange wheels.

Size: 21 cm x 19 cm.

Suitable for 18months+.

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