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West Coast Greenstone Freeform Drop HOKB

West Coast Greenstone Freeform Drop HOKB

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New Zealand made, West Coast Greenstone, Freeform Drop. Beautiful!!

Size: 5.5 cm x 2 cm.

Adjustable plaited waxed cord.

Hand carved on the magnificent South Island in New Zealand for adornment. Known natively as Pounamu, it is recognised for its strength, beauty and symbolising friendship when given to another. Also known as New Zealand Jade.

This one proudly carved by Hokitika local Graham Gordon.

Graham came late to the world of carving Pounamu and he firmly believes that he found his destiny when he did. He is self taught and mentored by well respected carvers. His greenstone is sourced mostly from the legendary Arahura river, from Tāngata Whenua Māori who are the kaitiaki of the river. These are the Māori whom are guardians or trustees of the river. Graham feels a great affinity with pounamu and is certain the tipuna (ancestors) are on his shoulder, guiding his carving. Nice! He feels it is a great privilege to work with taonga (treasured possession)  and the people of the Arahura.

There are five main types of Pounamu;

  • Kawakawa pounamu which derives its name from the kawakawa tree and has rich, dark shades of green often dark flecks and is the most common variety.
  • Īnanga pounamu which derives its name from freshwater fish and varies in colour from translucent to opaque pearly white or grey-green in colour.
  • Kahurangi pounamu which derives its name from the  Māori word for a person of high rank, is a highly translucent vivid light shade of green with no spots or flecks and is the rarest variety.
  • Kōkopu pounamu which derives its name from native species of freshwater kōkopu fish whilst also reflecting the similar colouring of olive green and dark speckles.
  • Tangiwai pounamu which derives its name the   Māori meaning "the tears that come from great sorrow" and is translucent like glass but has a wide range of colour shades.

Pounamu is only found on the South Island of New Zealand with the four main locations being the Southland, Fiordland, West coast and Nelson districts. How cool is it that the Māori name for the South Island is officially Te Wai Pounamu which means "the waters of greenstone".

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