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Wellington Wonderful Puzzle

Wellington Wonderful Puzzle

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We are thrilled to have What Makes puzzles. As in, what makes New Zealand life and geography great. They are designed and made in New Zealand. How sweet is that!

Wellington Wonderful. This is a great depiction of what our capital Wellington, New Zealand is all about. National treasures, favourite pastimes, sports events, in the air, on the water and just heaps of examples, of what makes Wellington wonderful. Wow!!! Can you spot the Kōwhai tree?

This puzzle is available in either 500 large or 1000 standard pieces.

Finished size for both is approximately 69 cm x 49 cm.

Jigsaw puzzles are timeless and they are such a wonderful way to "unplug," especially these days. Excellent for connecting with family and friends who can participate at whatever pace suits them. Puzzles actually exercise both sides of the brain at once meaning you are being logical and creative at the same time. This can help improve problem solving skills and attention span. Puzzling is actually a great meditation tool and stress reliever. Focusing on one image for an extended period of time, without extraneous thoughts entering your mind, is in itself, meditation. No need for yoga, just start a puzzle.  

Stephanie Bird was the first artist commissioned for What puzzles. Growing up in Hawkes bay she began drawing cheeky cartoons on birthday cards for her Dad. He kept them all and inspired her to continue drawing. Nice. Thanks Stephanie and your Dad!

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