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Trinket Case - Fantail

Trinket Case - Fantail

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This trinket case has the Fantail resting on a branch with a floral and blue background.

The Fantail or Pīwakawaka has a fanned tail which helps them to change direction, like the rudder of a boat. The Fantail is a very friendly bird and you can often have one follow you if you're out walking. They're also very chatty little critters and have a squeaky "cheet cheet" as they fly down to say hello.

This handy little trinket case has so many uses.  Earphones, USB sticks, jewellery, first aid, sewing kit, coins... the list goes on.  

The perfect gift for those people who have everything.  

Everyone can find a use for these little beauties.

Designed in New Zealand.
Size 45 x 82 x 30mm.

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