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Treasures of Aotearoa Puzzles Series Two

Treasures of Aotearoa Puzzles Series Two

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Aotearoa doesn't need too much introduction, We LIVE here! New Zealand's flora and fauna are fabulous and these puzzles certainly depict this, These have iconic species of birds, bugs and reptiles along with some usual suspects by their side. Can you spot the NZ Mantis? The Mantis prefers the branches of small Manuka and Kanuka trees most of all and is a beneficial insect for us as it eats pest insects.

Series One has four to choose from or collect all four!!

"Bugs and Butterflies"

"Busy Bees."

"Pōhutukawa and Kererū."

"Tuatara Twosome."

AND these are actually made in New Zealand. Seriously!!! And they are designed by Ned Barraud, an artist from wonderful Wellington. Thanks Ned!

These puzzles have 96 pieces and are 34cm x 24cm.

Suitable for ages 3+.

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