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Treasure Beyond Measure

Treasure Beyond Measure

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Poetry in motion in this book, as you take a poetic collective noun safari. Treasure Beyond Measure is a sophisticated book of rich, compelling pictures and fun, engaging rhyme.

You and your loved one can take a journey through fascinating names for groups of animals, until it comes across one extremely dangerous creature; a species that steers the safari in a completely different and thought-provoking direction. The rhyming verse is matched perfectly with clever and entertainingly complex illustrations. It’s one literary ride you won’t want to miss!

Which have you seen? A mischief of mice? Maybe... An embarrassment of pandas?? Probably not...A squabble of seagulls? Yeah... A fever of stingray? Hmmmm....

And finally a kind of humans!! "They're a troublesome lot, billions in number. When it comes to urgency, they are known to slumber".

Written by Helen Griffiths and Illustrated by Simon Chadwick it is 28cm x 21cm.

Suitable for children aged 7-12 years but enjoyed by all.

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