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There's a Happy Moon in my Side

There's a Happy Moon in my Side

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This book is a children's exploration of emotions, with a sweet story of Lucy and the happy moon in her side. It is 20 pages of a week in the life of Lucy, as her moon in her side helps her in fun times and difficult. The happy moon understands what she is feeling and helps her see things differently and suggests useful actions to take.

How sweet is this? The author put his daughter to bed with the final words, "this will help to put a happy mood inside you". The next morning she proudly declared with a smile "Daddy, I have a happy moon in my side"!!!!!

Written Richard Black and Illustrated by Tepene Marsden, it is 21cm x 21cm.

At the back of the book, is a section with tools for parents and teachers to explore the concepts of a "Happy Moon" in a little more depth.

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