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The Adventures of Jack Scratch - The Curse of the Kraken

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Tentacles! Terror! Tantrums!

After a mysterious stranger appears at The Crafty Trout, Jack Scratch and his friends find themselves entangled in an adventure of monstrous proportions.

Narrowly escaping a boatload of murderous moggies, crashing cannonballs and a treacherous seabird, Jack and crew set a course for the most fearsome stretch of sea known to catkind, in search of the legendary ...Kraken!

This book is written and illustrated in a cool comic book style. This may help tempt even the most reticent of readers to have crack..... For all readers though, this is a whole bunch of fun.

This book follows on from the first Jack Scratch book The Quest for the Hiss-paniola.

Written & Illustrated by Craig Phillips, it is 30cm x 21cm, has 65 pages and is bound beautifully in hardcover.