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Super Moon - ROCK IT Balance Board

Super Moon - ROCK IT Balance Board

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Our super-sized, fitness / fun / exercise board is our most popular seller by a country mile!

This beautiful curved board is 100% unique to Rock-it Boards! With its stylish curved design, this board is used from teens to golden oldies, simply for fun or for more serious fitness! With great ‘swing’, there are so many ways to use this board. Excellent for building core strength, balance, flexibility…and if you want you can follow our Rock-Fit program with Series 1 provided free online.

Not only used in Rock-Fit, but also by exercise, pilates and yoga instructors – the Super Moon has a committed and growing band of followers!

Our most popular and versatile exercise board for active adults and adolescents!

This sporty stylish board offers the greatest capacity for exercising and balancing. Considerably longer and heavier than the Middle Moon with greater "swing" .

The most appropriate  board for yoga if that's your focus, and now used in rock-fit classes.

Weight limit as rocking board 160kg 

Weight limit inverted 120 kg

Board Dimensions 
18 ply

L 117 cm  X  W 29cm X H 24.5cm 

Weight of board 5.5 kg


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