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SunSaver Super-Flex 20W Solar Charger

SunSaver Super-Flex 20W Solar Charger

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The SunSaver Super-Flex is quite simply a solar panel with a USB output on the back, meaning that whatever is plugged into it, gets charged directly from the sun. The solar panels are rated for 20-Watts of solar charging power, which is easily enough to charge your phone and USB devices on a sunny day.

Because the Super-Flex does not have an internal battery, it cannot store any power by itself. However, just keep the Super-Flex plugged into a power bank to store the solar power for when you need it for later. And as most power banks have a very low charging current, the Super-Flex can store power into them even on cloudy and overcast days.

Smart USB Output

The USB output supports the charging of almost any 5V device, such as your Smartphone, Tablet, Action Camera, MP3 Player and Power Bank. An intelligent smart-chip optimises power output to match the needs of your device and with an auto-restart function, the Super-Flex knows when to resume charging after a disruption, such as a cloud.

12-Volt Output

Featuring a DC-5521 output means the Super-Flex can even charge your 12-Volt batteries. This means you can use it as a maintenance charger to trickle charge your vehicle batteries if you won’t be using them for a while.

Weather Resistant

With an ETFE laminated film coating, the solar panels are waterproof, dustproof and extremely durable, to make sure the Super-Flex can survive any of your adventures.

1x SunSaver Super-Flex solar charger

1x User Manual

2x Carabiner (3-grams and 4cm long x 2.5cm wide)

1x DC5521 male-to-male charging cable

1x Alligator clips (regulated to 12-Volt) 

1x 3-in-1 USB Charging Cable (48-grams and 100cm long)

Please note: The USB charging cable may not be compatible with some devices

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