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Sunflowers Don't Grow In Winter

Sunflowers Don't Grow In Winter

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This is a lovely story of hope, determination and a boy's love of sunflowers. Ziggy decides to plant sunflower seeds in Autumn, but everyone know sunflowers don't grow in winter. Or do they? Based on a true story, this helps remind us how gardens love birds, bees, butterflies and sunflowers!!! On each of the 14 pages, try find some of the 3 B's. 

Written by Emily Holdaway and Illustrated by Craig Phillips, it is 22cm x 21cm.

Recommended age is 4 - 10 years.

Did you know the Sunflowers start following the sun, even when they are small buds and before they flower? They start the day facing east and twist to follow the sun as it moves across the sky in a process called heliotropism.

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