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Reusable Gift Bags - Snowflake

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What a WRAPPER!!!! These are sooo special. They are re-usable gift wrappers, as in, use them every Christmas! Pick the design you love the most and keep forever. These could be used for other special occasions also.

Designed and hand made in New Zealand!!!! Yep, how good!!!

Yes, they replace wrapping paper and sticky tape!
Yes they are made from 100% cotton!
Yes they are machine washable!
Beautifully wrapped presents with none of the waste!           

These wrappers feature snowflakes on a subtle tawny background with a pure white ribbon. New Zealand is famous for its abundance of snowflakes in the winter months and you can reminisce at Christmas with these.

Available in sets of 3, 6 or 10.

Set of 3 sizes are 1 x 16cm x 43cm, 2 x 26cm x 36cm.

Set of 6 sizes are 2 x 11cm x 16cm, 2 x 20cm x 30cm, 1 x 35 cmx 50cm, 1 x 44cm x 58cm.

Set of 10 sizes are  1 x 16cm x 43cm, 2 x 11cm x 16cm, 2 x 20cm x 30cm, 2 x 26cm x 36cm, 1 x 32cm x 47cm, 1 x 42cm x 58cm, 1 x 50cm x 70cm.