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Sing Like A Unicorn

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This fun filled, rhyming, read-aloud book is perfect for your kids super early learning.

Join a magical fluffy unicorn with rainbow snakes, drumming clouds and smiling notes as you journey through your child's uniqueness. There is no drama from the Llama and the Earth can tell you a secret, like gold it is worth!!! 

And if your own song, comes from somewhere true, somewhere that only belongs to you....Then I tell you that you are a Unicorn too!!!

So let this fluffy unicorn take you on an adventure with its animal friends and tell you about the power of being your authentic self.

Sing Like A Unicorn is wholly inspired by the idea that inside each of us is a completely unique individual that can be happier, more fulfilled and make the world a better place through embracing their originality. And one of the easiest and most fun ways to do that is by singing!

Written by Jeremy Redmore and illustrated by Jason Crowley, the book is 32 pages.