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Resistance - ROCK IT Balance Board

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This ‘groovy’ board offers us a greater capacity to challenge balance and muscle strength!

Currently provided as an addition to the Super Moon board, the grooves enable use of resistance bands to add another whole dimension of fitness.  Resistance and strength training are well known factors for bone health and longevity.

Grooves can also be added to existing boards if required. 

This is the Super Moon with a new and exciting addition. Grooves on each end enable those who want to add resistance work into their fitness program can easily do so, using resistance bands.

Grooves can also be added to existing boards by request. The charge for this is $30.00
plus any shipping fees incurred.

Weight limit as a rocking board 160 kg

Weight limit inverted is 140kg

Board Dimensions

Length  117cm

Width  29cm

Height  24.5cm

Weight  5kg