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Ready for School

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Perry and Frankie loved Preschool! But now it is time to start School. Yay! Enjoy seeing these two friends prepare and then go to School with ideas and strategies to enable them to become confident School kids.

And there is a little section at the back offering a little extra help for the grown-ups.Thirteen little thoughts to assist in getting your child ready for School.

Working with a team of experts in child development, neuroscience, play therapy and psychology, My Big Moments children’s picture book, Ready for School, is designed to help children start school with confidence. The creators behind My Big Moments weave practical language, ideas, activities and strategies throughout the books. Their purpose is to fully engage kids in their own personalised story while they also gain valuable life skills.

Hannah Davison, Flicka Williams and Marco Palmieri wanted to offer parents, like themselves, genuine support during times that can feel overwhelming to navigate. By providing credible tools, they hope to leave mums, dads, and caregivers better equipped to guide children through life’s first milestones.

The book is 28 pages long.