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Nellie the Narwhal - Soft Toy

Nellie the Narwhal - Soft Toy

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Say Hi to Nellie the Narwhal from the Lily and George family. She is a happy and cute pink Narwhal with a sparkling golden tusk.

Narwhals are actually real, well they are also known as "Narwhales", that is they are a type of toothed whale and the tusk is a protruding tooth! They love hanging out up near Greenland and Canada.

She is 36cm long and 24cm high including her golden tusk.

Lily and George toys can be machine washed. Sure go with a gentle cycle but how good!!!

We love Lily and George and especially that they make safety the number one priority. So that means no choking hazards and no nasties for you to worry about. They make sure that each peep is a safe and durable wee companion for your little one.

BSCI certified manufacturing! This means worker wellbeing is accounted for including but not limited to, sound environmental practices, fair remuneration, decent working hours and good health and safety systems. Nice!

Material: 100% cotton.

Filling: 100% polyester.

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