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Moana Road Sunglasses Case - Native Flora

Moana Road Sunglasses Case - Native Flora

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Protect your sunnies with this cool triangle case from our besties at Moana Road. We love the stylish cleverness here. The case starts out flat, then unfolds into a triangle shape and clip shuts with a magnet holding it in place. Neat! These are great for traveling or keeping in the car with this cool functionality.

It features a lovely garden setting design on a background of white. A few proud bumble bees are flying around native Easter Orchid, Kōwhai and Pōhutukawa flowers. So what about a bit of buzzy facts about these guys? Bumble bees metabolism is so fast, it is always only 40 minutes from starving and they have 5 eyes! And this is funny. So they don't need air-conditioning in their homes. They flap their wings 200 times per second so they do this at home to cool themselves. This is known as fanning but really it should be called Bee-conditioning!

Size: 17 cm x 7 cm when opened. 

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