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Moana RD Mini Art Set

Moana RD Mini Art Set

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This Mini Art Set from Moana rd is sooo good! Yet again another functional price buster from our besties...

With 3 seperate sections containing felt pens, colouring pencils, ruler, glue sticks, note pad and other stationery essentials, this is a convenient and very cute case which has so much!

Perfect for the kids grabbing on the run for the days outing.

The art case is a cool mint with aqua zips and New Zealand native birds, and is too cute. So joining the fun is the timid Tūī, proud Pukeko, cool Kiwi, perky Pīwakawaka, crafty Kea and the shy Yellow Eyed Penguin. What about this educational fact about the Yellow Eyed Penguin. The Māori name is Hoiho and means noise shouter and they are one of the rarest penguins in the world and are only found in New Zealand.

Made from recycled plastic bottles and featuring the Moana Road OG Bird design.

Measures 13cm x 20cm x 6cm

Suitable for ages 4+ approximately

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