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MOANA RD Backpack - NZ Birds

MOANA RD Backpack - NZ Birds

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This is an awesome backpack from Moana Rd. It's made from recycled plastic bottles!!!! We love it!

The backpack is a cool mint with aqua trims and New Zealand native birds, and is too cute. So coming along to school each day will be the cheeky Weka, Tūī, Pukeko, Kiwi, Kererū, Pīwakawaka, and crafty Kea. Also keen to be taught are the Saddleback, Wax Eye, Kōkako, Morepork Owl and the shy Yellow Eyed Penguin. What about this educational fact about the Yellow Eyed Penguin. The Māori name is Hoiho and means noise shouter and they are one of the rarest penguins in the world and are only found in New Zealand.

Featuring a good sized external zippered pocket with a bigger internal pocket and two open, side pockets. One of those side pockets has a flexible stitching designed specifically for a drink bottles. Secures comfortably to your back with adjustable straps and also has a carry handle.

So back to the recycled bit, how does that work?

1. Rubbish PET bottles are recovered

2. Cleaned and sorted

3. Smooshed into pieces

4. Melted into fibres

5. Spun into yarn

6. Woven into fabric

7.. Sewn into a bag for you!

Dimensions are 34cm high x 30cm wide x 14 cm deep

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