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Mini Binoculars

Mini Binoculars

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What's that? Here, look through these and find out!

These are a fun little set of binoculars at the right price. They have up to a 2000 metre field of view and are technically 40 x 22 HD. They are of sturdy construction and have a centre focus wheel.

Ok, so what does these two numbers mean? Well, the first number is the magnifying power of the binoculars and the second is the aperture (diameter) of the lense in millimetres.

So these are 40x magnification and 22mm aperture which makes them quite powerful for their size.

And did you know an interesting thing about binoculars is that they can be used as a fire starter in an emergency. The concave and convex lenses inside the binoculars can be disassembled and used just like a magnifying glass focusing the power of the sun!!!

These are perfect for to take tramping, bird watching and stargazing. Yes, seriously, they are actually pretty good for viewing the night sky.

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