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Memory Game - Te Reo Māori

Memory Game - Te Reo Māori

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The classic game of memory, featuring Te Reo Māori thoughts and meanings. Once again from our friends at Moana Rd.

Each piece is named in English with the corresponding piece in Te Reo Māori. Pretty cool.

Hey, we know this is great for your kids. But you know what? Maybe Grandad or Grandma might enjoy a quiet game of an afternoon too.

Playing the game with you is Children, Elders,  Family, Home, Kindness, Hello, Good, Be Strong, Chat, Earth Oven, Song, Treasure and the everlasting Love.

Being made from wood, this puzzle should see your kids through their childhood journey.

The size of each piece is 6 cm in a hexagon shape.

 Happy memories!

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