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Make It Real - Macrame Friendship Bracelets

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This Make It Real kids box is all about macrame friendship bracelets. Who doesn't love a friendship bracelet??? And even better, a unique friendship bracelet that is created with love and flair!! There is lots in here waiting to be made.

Once the design is complete, give them to your BFF for them to display. YAY!!!

So in the box;

  • 5 colours of embroidery thread
  • 17 faceted beads
  • 8 heart shaped beads
  • 6 flower shaped beads
  • 60 metallic beads
  • 13 coloured beads
  • 3 link charms
  • 1 play tray
  • instructions  

There is 8 knotting techniques to choose from.

Box size is 30cm x 28cm and includes 114 pieces.