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Macrocarpa Soap Rack

Macrocarpa Soap Rack

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This macrocarpa soap rack is sustainably handcrafted in New Zealand. The natural soap rack will prolong the life of your soap by keeping it up out of the water, and by allowing air to circulate around it.

Timber is absorbent and will help absorb excess water away from the soap – natural soap and timber go hand in hand in the bathroom! Another awesome way to use this soap rack is as a mini washboard when you are using Make Up Brush Cleaner to clean your precious brushes!

The Macrocarpa is part of the Cypress family and is an extremely tough coniferous tree. Characterised by blunt leaves and prolific, small shining brown cones. One curiosity is how the tree often has an irregular habit and is flat topped. Although this is often due to the harsh environment in which it lives. In New Zealand it is most frequently grown as a windbreak and shelter belt.

Being all natural, this rack helps to reduce the use of plastic that will eventually end up in landfill!  

Size: 8 cm x 7 cm.

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