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Kuwi's Rowdy Crowd

Kuwi's Rowdy Crowd

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This is a very early learning Kiwi kids' book. It has 36 pages of really beautiful, brightly coloured imagery. Continuing Kuwi's exploits is the delightfully simple story of Kuwi trying to have a quiet cuppa yet never getting any peace from Huwi and crew singing and playing anew. 

From "mice mice baby" blaring, to poo pitching Pekapeka, with Tomtits tap dancing and singing cicadas. Oh no, what to do?? Have a snooze that will do. But does she miss the play you say???

Written and Illustrated by Kat Quin (formerly Merewether) it is 25cm x 25 cm.

20 cents from each book purchased is donated to Kiwis for Kiwi as well as the 10% we send to your nomination of choice.

Did you know the Pekapeka is New Zealand's endemic microbat and they are the only native pollinator of the threatened Hades flower and they use echolocation to fly and hunt? Pretty cool. Researches have used this principle to develop radar and sonar.

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