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Kuwi's Kitchen

Kuwi's Kitchen

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This is a Kiwi kids' cookbook. Kuwi's Kitchen has 74 pages filled with easy to make recipes aimed at one of your little loved ones favourite spots, their tummy.

From Huhu Grub bites to Florence the Fantail muesli bars, Kuwi's Kūmara fritters to Snail Sushi, Kiwicorn Beaks with banana ice cream and Kuwi Bikkies, this cookbook has plenty of offerings. Featuring ingredients, photographs and simple instructions to get you kids cooking journey on its way! Yay!

This cookbook is divided into four sections. Delicious, Nutritious Brekky, Huwi's Healthy Lunchbox, Kuwi's Glorious Grub and Tasty Sweet Treats.

Written and Illustrated by Kat Quin (formerly Merewether).

Comes with a free Kuwi cookie cutter.

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