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Kuwi's Creative Colouring Book

Kuwi's Creative Colouring Book

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This colouring book is so impressive it's crazy and is a massive 60 pages!! Wow! Every page is perforated so you can remove the page easily if you want to display your kids artistic flair. Why not colour in with them? Happy little person, happy big person..... It actually has been designed with that in mind, for both big and small people. The left hand side is designed for the little peeps, whilst the right hand side has a little more complexity in its design for the bigger peep. Nice!

Filled with New Zealand's native birds, plants and fungi, reptiles and frogs, sea and river creatures and more. So pretty much NZ, NZ and more NZ! It has a cool illustration glossary at the back, so you can see the names of all the characters. From Grey Warbler to Stitchbird, Maikaika (native orchid) to Ponga Koru (fern frond), Māui dolphin to Pāua this book has them all!

Also, fun facts about Kiwis are sprinkled throughout the book.

Did you know the Kiwi are related to the elephant bird of Madascar, emus and Cassowaries of Australia and the Moa of New Zealand? And it is the only bird in the whole wide world with nostrils at the end of its beak AND can live up to 50 years of age!!!

It has a matte laminated soft cover and is 25 cm x 24 cm.

Written & Illustrated by Kat Quin.

Plus, 20 cents from every purchase of this book is donated to Kiwis for Kiwi.

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