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Kōwhai and the Giants

Kōwhai and the Giants

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This is a story of Kōwhai and the ancient forests of Giants in New Zealand. It traces simply, the habitation of Aotearoa, the felling of the forests and how she discovers a tiny seed of hope and begins the rebuild of a great forest. 

"Kōwhai first appeared from the golden glow of a beautiful flower.... and her voice was the rain and the sea and the cry of a bird".

Written and illustrated by Kate Parker, it is 27cm x 19cm.

Hardback with super luxe paper throughout. 

$3 from each book purchased is donated to Forest and Bird New Zealand, as well as the 10% we send to your nomination of choice. That's pretty cool.

And did you know the oldest known living tree in New Zealand is estimated to be between 1250 and 2500 years old!! It is a Giant Kauri tree know as Tāna Mahuta, The "God Of The Forest".

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