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Ko Kiwipihi

Ko Kiwipihi

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Meet Kiwicorn, a very unique Unicorn Kiwi cross who is friends with Kuwi and Huwi. This is an early learning Kiwi kids' book which strives to convey the important message that we're all different from each other and being different is awesome. It has 14 pages of Kiwicorn expressing individuality.

This is the Te Reo Māori translation. Ka Pai!

Who is whimsical, witty and wonderfully weird? What about polite, peaceful and a planet protector? The gorgeous illustrations and messages can help children to understand their emotions and to open a light hearted dialogue about diversity.

Written and Illustrated by Kat Quin, it is 22cm x 22cm.                                     

Translated by Pānia Papa.

These have a matte laminated soft cover.

20 cents from each book purchased is donated to Kiwis for Kiwi as well as the 10% we send to your nomination of choice.

Unicorns are mythical, Earth bound creatures. We all know they have one curled horn but did you know the colour of their eyes are either blue or purple and baby unicorns are called Sparkles. Yep, Sparkles!!! If you see one with wings, well then that's a Pegasus!

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