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Kara the Kākāpō

Kara the Kākāpō

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This book is such a visual feast with vibrant colours and beautiful layers of detail. She could flap, jump, hop and twist and spin, but no matter how hard she would try, Kara from Kākāpō just could not FLY!! But with optimism, determination and a little creative thinking Kara hatches a plan, even as her friends the Kiwi, Tuatara, Wētā and the speckled skink tell her to give up.

And the last page includes Kākāpō fun facts like Kākāpō are the only parrot in the world that cannot fly, they are only found in New Zealand and they can live for up to 90 years!!!! What????

Written by Danni Rae and illustrated by Evan Heasman it is 22cm x 22cm and has 20 pages.

Danni who is a Wellington zookeeper wrote Kara the Kākāpō, which is the first in a series of animal adventures, as a way to share her passion for conservation with the youngest of readers.

“As a zookeeper each day I have the opportunity to talk to children about the wonders of animals and conservation. I wanted to use this book as a way to allow children to connect with these animals at home as well,” says Danni.

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