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Honeysticks Bath Crayons

Honeysticks Bath Crayons

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These are child safe, 100% natural bath crayons. Say what? Yep. Made in New Zealand from non toxic, food grade ingredients!! Um, we don't recommend snacking on them though...Get your little ones loving bath time even more with these bath crayons.

And bonus mini bath shower??? Yep. Remove the sticker from the bottom of the tin to reveal holes for a teeney, baby shower!!

Seven vibrant colours are inside the metal tin, with screw top lid for safe keeping and handy drainage holes. Ok, with these you can expect a bit of "residue" post bath time. But cleaning is easy with the non toxic colourants.

7 vibrant colours: blue, maroon, green, orange, pink, yellow, brown.

Jumbo sized for small hands.

Crayon Dimensions: 10cm long, 2cm thick.

The peeps at Honeysticks are truly awesome. They create safe, sustainable products that children just love to use and are gentle on the environment. Everything is designed with children's development in mind, encouraging creativity through colour, coordination and experimentation. They pride themselves on using recycled or recyclable packaging too.

These are made from 100% New Zealand beeswax, sustainable soy wax, and a plant based emulsifier.

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