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Cat Collars

Cat Collars

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Hand made in Christchurch, New Zealand. Sweet as!!!

These are soft, light weight cat collar that will look gorgeous on your stylish little lions.

Comes with a small silver D ring to attach name tags.

These come in a large variety of florals, light patterns and plain fabrics and are always different, so yours will be a random choice. A nice surprise awaits you and your beautiful cat!

100% cotton.

Size: 20 cm to 28 cm.

FITTING: Cat collars need to be fitted firmly for safety. You should be able to fit 1-2 fingers underneath when fitted correctly to avoid your cat being able to put a paw through and removing it. Cats can tense their neck muscles when putting a collar on so always check the fit a few minutes later and adjust as necessary. Adjustable size to fit most cats from kitten to fully grown. It features a quick release clip to make sure your little lion is always safe (will break open if caught on a branch or anything).

How about these fun facts about cats. Cats can leap up to 5 times their own height and the oldest known cat to ever live was Creme Puff who lived for 38 years!!!! What!

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