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Gillard Creamed Honey 1Kg - Raw Mānuka

Gillard Creamed Honey 1Kg - Raw Mānuka

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Raw Mānuka flavoured honey. This 100% pure New Zealand raw honey offers the wonderful properties of Mānuka flowers. This honey is collected from key locations across the majestic Manawatu region of the North Island. Well New Zealand right... Where is not majestic????

The Mānuka tree is unique in the way it has solitary white or pink flushed flowers. Mānuka flowers smell very sweet which attract the bees but are an important source of pollen and nectar for native flies, moths birds, beetles and geckos. Yay!

Ok it's a mouthful but get this.... Mānuka honey has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral AND antioxidant properties. Magical really and all produced in the New Zealand wilderness and not in a lab. And as a result Mānuka honey is the most sought after honey in the whole wide world!!!

So did you know the totally best thing about creamed honey??? It basically doesn't go off.... Not that it matters when you taste this amazing New Zealand honey. The chances of this just sitting around for years is pretty unlikely. It is particularly resistant to the cooler weather so doesn't crystallise like regular honey can do when the temperatures drop.

Family owned and operated beekeepers from Palmerston North.

BPA free, plastic recycle 1 packaging. 

1 Kilogram.

83 MGO. This means there is at least 83milligrams per kilogram of the active ingredient Methylglyoxal (MGO). This is the main ingredient which provides all the magical properties. Independently tested.

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