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Travel Dog Bowl

Travel Dog Bowl

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This collapsible silicone dog bowl attaches to your dog walking equipment with ease using the light weight carabiner. Or slip it into your cars glove box and never be without it in your travels. Simply clip on to your dog lead or backpack and get to the dog park knowing your furry friend will remain perfectly hydrated. It is awesome to exercise your dog and whilst doing this it is crucial they are drinking water to avoid dehydration. In fact, dogs should be drinking 20ml to 70 ml per kg of their body weight per day. 

This handy little guy is durable, convenient and eco-friendly.

Available in five colours; red, green, yellow, blue and black.

Size: 13 cm across and 5 cm deep when open.

Carabiner comes in matching colour. Yay!

We all know that a dogs sense of smell is awesome. Well it is, and in fact it is at least 40 times better than ours!!!! And how about it; three dogs survived the Titanic!

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