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Christmas Re-Cracker - Flora and Fauna

Christmas Re-Cracker - Flora and Fauna

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What a CRACKER!!!! These are sooo special. They are Re-crackers, as in, use them every Christmas! Pick the design you love the most and keep forever. 

Designed and hand made in New Zealand!!!! Yep, how good!!!

These beautiful crackers come empty so you can choose to fill yourself or buy the filler pack custom designed for the crackers.

Yes they do snap open like a disposable!
Yes they do slide back together for decades of future use!
Yes they are machine washable!
Load them up and they'll bang like a disposable but with none of the waste!           

These crackers (legit, we love saying that!) feature New Zealand flora and fauna on a crisp white background. Specifically the fantastic fantail, Pōhutukawa, Manuka and Kōwhai flowers. The Kōwhai, widely regarded as New Zealand's national flower have nine varieties in total. They are a particularly robust species, even being able to grow on cliff faces!!! What!?!? 

Length - 30cm

Sold individually

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