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Bucket Hat - Silver Fern

Bucket Hat - Silver Fern

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The one and only bucket hat from our friends at Moana Rd.

An all time classic! These simply can never go out of style.

Even if you're not into cricket, these are still awesome. Well, pick a sport, any sport and slam one of these on and watch the New Zealanders go. Actually it is the functionality of the bucket hat that makes them so popular. They tend to, shall we say, stick to the bean so well.

100% RECYCLED POLYESTER!    What?    Wow!


1. Rubbish PET bottles are recovered

2. Cleaned and sorted

3. Smooshed into pieces

4. Melted into fibres

5. Woven into fabric

6. Sewn into a hat for you!

Small - 56 cm (kids)

Medium - 59 cm

Large - 61 cm

The Silver Fern! Seriously, How good!

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