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Eco Felt Grow Bag - Nikau

Eco Felt Grow Bag - Nikau

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These are designed by Jo Luping and perfect for your little plants at home. You know mini stuff like micro-vegetables, herbs and flowers. Simply add your favourite potting mixture directly into the grow bag, then place on top of the saucer. It is cool for your plants as the felt allows roots to breathe yet retains water and allows for a gradual release of moisture. These guys are pretty awesome really because they are durable, washable, re-usable and eco friendly.

This one features the Nikau printed white on charcoal coloured felt. How about this incredible fact; they are very slow growing taking 40 - 50 years just to form a trunk and 200 years to reach 10 metres tall!!!! And are New Zealand's only native palm. 

"The Nikau is a palm tree endemic to New Zealand. It is found throughout New Zealand but one of my favourite locations to view them is along the West Coast of the South Island. It is here that you can see groves of this outstanding and majestic palm tree" - Jo Luping - Designer.

Eco Felt grow bag material is 2mm thick felt with coloured stitching detail. Saucer is made from 100% biodegradable plant fibre.

Grow bag size: 14 cm wide x 16 cm high.

Made out of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

The eco felt grow bag comes flat-packed with a saucer inside.

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