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Good Change Eco Scrubs (2 Pack)

Good Change Eco Scrubs (2 Pack)

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These Scandinavian inspired, awesome scrubs are super eco friendly. These cool guys are made from loofah plants and wood pulp and contain ZERO microfibres. Also no nasty glues as the scourer is hand stitched on to the sponge. They are super absorbent, dry quickly and easily washable in the dishwasher. Yay!

The best part is when they are all done, they can be composted!!! We love that!

Use it for your dishes, cleaning and gentle scrubbing. Simply rinse under the tap and it's good to go again. The loofah scrubber is non-abrasive and works perfectly in your kitchen or bathroom. 

Did you know that most scourer sponges are made from synthetic plastic-based materials? Replace your yellow/green scourer sponge with a natural option. 

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