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Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

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The Earth Rated dispenser is convenient and tough - just what you need when you're out with your yapper. It has a clever clip system to attach to your dog lead or backpack. It is awesome to exercise you dog! Dog owners enjoy numerous health benefits when dog walking as does your furry friend. Did you know the ideal length of time for a dog walk is between 30 and 45 minutes. Only 15 minutes for puppies though. Don't forget the poop bags though.It is so respectful of others to clean up and helps the planet, as we don't want waste getting into our majestic waterways or spoiling our soils. Let's keep New Zealand beautiful.

Comes ready with 15 compostable bags inside.

Size: 18 cm high x 5 cm wide.

Earth Rated dark green coloured dog waste bags are made from degradable plastic; they contain an additive that encourages them to break down (unlike traditional plastic poop bags). They are extra long and extra strong.

These bags are 100% leak-proof guaranteed, so they can hold any size poop safely. They're large enough to fully cover your hand during pick-up with plenty of room left to secure a knot when you're done. And they're designed to block unpleasant poop smells.

And you would know that a dogs sense of smell is awesome. Well it is and in fact it is at least 40 times better than ours!!!! And how about it, three dogs survived the Titanic!


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