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Office - ROCK IT Balance Board

Office - ROCK IT Balance Board

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The board we designed specifically to promote more movement in the Workplace!

This beautiful compact and stylish board is not only good for you, but it looks great too. Use it at your standing desk or place your feet on the board while sitting.

The Office board provides a capacity for daylong movement. Gentle rocking and rolling stimulates circulation, alleviates back and leg strain and promotes good posture while you work.

Research tells us that the key to workplace health is Movement – also promoting faster metabolism to prevent weight gain, and great for cardio health.

If you have a team keen, talk to your boss about our bulk deals. We’d love to help make your workspace a better, more enjoyable and healthier place for you, and your colleagues!

New improved design includes cork bottom surface. Purpose built for your workplace.  Use at standing desks.

This sturdy & compact board has been designed specifically for use in your office. Perfect to use at a standing desk , providing motion while you work. Relieves joint and back stiffness, supports cardio health as movement stimulates better circulation, improves posture( no rounded shoulders) AND great for your brain! 

Keep moving - have fun - while you work!

Weight limit as rocking board 150 kg

Weight limit inverted 120kg

Board Dimensions

Size: 15ply + cork bottom layer:

 L 85cm x W 32cm X H 13cm

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