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SunSaver Power Flex, 6.4-Watt Solar Charger

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The SunSaver Power-Flex is your very own portable solar station. It’s 6.4-Watts of solar power is grunty enough to charge a smartphone straight from the sun* and its unique folding design lets it fit in your pocket for easy transportation. This makes the Power-Flex the ideal charger for all your outdoor adventures as well as a backup for emergency situations.

On a sunny day you can charge your smartphone in less than 2.5 hours** using the Power-Flex as a direct feed. And on a cloudy day you can still use the Power-Flex to charge up a battery pack or power bank. This is because these usually have a much lower charging current than smartphones, so require much less light to charge them up.

This means that the Power-Flex is the perfect way to convert your ordinary battery pack into a solar generator, or to give your solar power bank a turbo boost from the sun.

*Dependent on geography, weather conditions and type of smartphone.
**Based on a smartphone with a 1,800mAh battery

Solar Charging

4 American made solar cells give a combined 6.4-Watts of solar charging power and are efficient enough to charge your smartphone in just 2.5 hours if sunlight*.

And if you already own a portable power bank, this is the perfect way to upgrade it into your very own mobile solar generator!

Want more power from the sun? Then check out the 14-Watt SunSaver Super-Flex.

Smart USB Output

The USB output supports the charging of almost any 5V device, such as your Smartphone, Tablet, Action Camera, MP3 Player and Power Bank.

An intelligent smart-chip optimises output to match the needs of your device and with an auto-restart function, the Power-Flex knows when to resume charging after a disruption, such as a cloud.

Weather Resistant

With a laminated film coating, the solar panels are waterproof, dustproof and extremely durable, to make sure the Power Flex can survive any of your adventures.

Light Weight & Compact

Weighing in at just 190 grams, the Power-Flex is the featherweight champion of the charging world. The unique folding design also means that it is compact enough to fit in your pocket.

One Year Warranty 

Our standard 1-year product warranty is there to give you peace of mind and show that we trust our products!

Solar Input: 5V, 1,280mA / 6.4W (Max)

Solar Conversion Rate: 21% - 24% (Max) 

Output: 5V, 1.2A (Max) (USB)

Operating Temperature: -20℃ ~ 70℃.

Dimensions: 101 x 142mm (Folded) / 397 x 142mm (Flat)

Net Weight: 190g

Comes with;

  • SunSaver Power-Flex
  • 3 in 1 USB Charging Cable (Micro-USB, Type-C, Lightning)
  • 2x Carabiner Clips