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Pōhutukawa Print Drawstring Bag Set

Pōhutukawa Print Drawstring Bag Set

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One of our all time favourites as theses versatile bags can be used and reused for anything. Think produce, washing bags, cosmetics, travel, gift bags, kids fidgets and on it goes. Is one set enough is the only question?

Featuring Pōhutukawa flowers and leaves on a white background. The Pōhutukawa tree, with its blazing red flowers has rightfully earned the title of New Zealand's Christmas tree. Have you heard of the most famous one guarding a cave near Cape Reinga? It just happens to be 800 years old!!!!!

100% cotton storage drawstring bags.

Set of four.

1 x 10 cm x 12 cm
1 x 15 cm x 18 cm
1 x 21 cm x 25 cm
1 x 27 cm x 33 cm

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