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Peka and Koro : Friends of the Forest.

Peka and Koro : Friends of the Forest.

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This is a gorgeous New Zealand children’s book about Peka the baby bat leaving the family roost for her first solo flight. It tells a lovely story of the friendship between Peka, the lesser short tailed bat and Koro, an old kauri snail as they bump into other nocturnal creatures of New Zealand.

It features a short fun rhyme each page and along the way they say Gidday to Kiwi and Kākāpō, Tuatara and Wētā, Ngāokeoke and Bat fly.

Ngāokeoke also known as Peripatus or Velvet worms have legs and remarkably have remained unchanged for over 500 million years!!! What?

With short fun rhymes, stunning watercolour illustrations, the use of basic Te Reo Māori, factual birds, their habitat and food this book is not only a great read for you and your children, but also educational.

It is written and illustrated by Christchurch mums Karyn and Jess.

Printed and bound using paper from sustainably managed forests by small Christchurch companies. So it's 100% New Zealand made. How good!

Buy this book and support New Zealand small businesses and their families!

And comes hand signed by the author! 

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