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Balancing Sheep

Balancing Sheep

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Seriously fine craftsmanship in these amazing Balancing Blocks. Well, animals actually, that piece and stack upwards in so many different ways!!!! These are sooooo unique!!

The Balancing Sheep will have everyone stacking, balancing, thinking and having fun. The Sheep can be stacked in loads of different combinations. This creates endless amounts of lateral thinking and its fun and challenging for adults and kids alike.

Children can enjoy stacking alone or playing with others.


Elderly, also can enjoy stacking alone or with others whilst promoting mental engagement, stimulation and awareness. Maintaining an active mind as the later years progress is really helpful in fighting off degenerative issues. The greater the novelty and challenge the better.

Classic wooden toys like these are deceptively challenging. They can help develop a deeper understanding of the laws of physics - gravity, leverage, fulcrums, weight and dimension. So great for teaching critical thinking and problem solving skills - and better yet, they’re a lot of fun! Logic puzzle games are a great ‘brain exercise’ to help keep your mind sharp. Choosing logic puzzle games which are fun helps to promote playing them regularly. 

There is five pieces in the box and a sheet with 20 balancing combinations and tips. And this is not an exhaustive list of the balancing possibilities. There is literally hundreds! Amazing!!!

These Balancing animals are designed and handmade in Christchurch on the beautiful South Island of New Zealand from farm forested timber.

Available in the choice of colour or natural. Sweet as!

Finished in natural linseed oil or non-toxic coloured dye stains.

Larger Balancing Animals are suitable for adults and competent children over 4 years.

Large Size approximately: 15 cm x 3 cm.
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