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Little Earth - ROCK IT Balance Board

Little Earth - ROCK IT Balance Board

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Ideal for children 3 -7 years. This extremely sturdy and versatile balance and play board is designed for young, active, growing children. A wonderful natural, play and movement resource - building strong bodies and brains! 

Little Earth is developmentally appropriate for this age, enabling effective rocking for little legs! It has straight ends so the board is stable when turned upside down to crawl or walk across. 

It can be used in imaginative open-ended play as a table, bench, slide, tunnel, bridge, road, boat, fence, cradle....ideas unlimited! 

Used widely at home and in Early Childhood Education as a superb developmental and play resource

NOT suitable as a rocking board for adults as the curve is steeper and is generally less comfortable for the longer legs of adults. The boards can take most adult weights, but are simply not a comfy fit! 

Weight limit as rocking board 120 kg

Weight limit inverted 100 kg



Length 90cm (end to end across the top)  X  W 29cm X H 19cm

Weight of board 3.5 kg


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